Thursday, August 12, 2010

Miller Lite: Less filling! Tastes great!

Yes, the slogan is obviously memorable, but I never realized how many big names appeared in these Miller Lite spots.

I'm not able to identify all of these people on my own (I'm not quite that old), but with the help of YouTube commenters, I can provide a partial list:

Dick Butkus (NFL player with the Chicago Bears, and the original star of this long-lived series of ads)
Rodney Dangerfield (legendary comedian and actor)
David "Deacon" Jones (NFL player with the Los Angeles Rams and originator of the "quarterback sack")
John Madden (NFL coach of the Oakland Raiders and, later, the namesake of the insanely popular Madden NFL series of video games and long-time television sports commentator)
Billy Martin (on-again/off-again manager of MLB's New York Yankees)
Lee Meredith (best known for her role as "Ulla" in Mel Brooks' The Producers)
Steve Mizerak (professional billiards player and trick shot artist)
John "Boog" Powell (MLB player with the Baltimore Orioles)
Charles "Bubba" Smith (NFL player with the Baltimore Colts and, later, an actor best known for playing "Moses Hightower" in the Police Academy series)
"Marvelous" Marv Throneberry (MLB player with the original 1962 New York Mets)

Anyone able to identify more?

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